Do you have a lot of low-level miners, and you can't seem to get any good item? Then the blacksmith will be your best friend! By bringing him low-level items to burn, he will be able to give you better versions of them.

Forging requires dust, a token you can receive by burning other items you don't need. Burning items will award an increasing amount of dust based on their level, while forging an item of that same level will cost 25% more. Here's a full chart of forging costs and burning gains relative to each level:

As you can see, a level 2 item will net 40 dust when burned (x4 at each step), while forging one will require 50 dust.

On top of the increased dust cost, forging a higher-level item is a hard job. To build an item, you will need a blacksmith of at least the same level, meaning to make a level 4 item the blacksmith will need to have at least 4 levels between attributes and item-provided "ranks". So, if you want to build very high items, be prepared to build a good blacksmith (or rent one from another player!).

But wait, there's more! When forging an item, you will only get to choose its level, meaning the outcome will still be random. Our blacksmiths really value their customers though, which is why, at the end of the staking period, they let them preview the result before finalizing the purchase. If you don't like the item you would receive, you can decide to turn it back, and you will be refunded 90% of the dust you spent.

The time it takes to forge an item varies considerably based on the level of the item being minted. This is also where the blacksmith class comes into play: each in-NFT attribute or class level will provide a 5% reduction to the forging time, for a total possible reduction of 50%. Here's a table showing the standard time for each level:

There are two more ways the ability of a blacksmith can influence the forging process:

  • Each level of blacksmithing will provide a 2% discount on the forging costs, meaning a level 10 blacksmith only has a 5% spread between burning and forging.

  • Each level of luck of your blacksmith will provide a 0.5% chance of forging an item 1 level higher than the one requested.

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