While some bulls are happy with a steady wage, others just want to compete! Take your gang to Pamplona, and then step aside if you're a human and don't want to get ran over! Remember that there is also a random aspect to the competition, so your average runner always has a chance. And if you don't win the whole race, there might be some other prizes!

There are three main stats that make a good runner: speed, resistance, and luck. Runner items are the ones that consistently provide bonuses to them, but you can also increase them with miscellaneous ones!

Here is a list of the attributes and items of the runner class:

Running is an activity that is strongly influenced by skin rarity. This is why races will be divided by skin color, with better prizes for the first leagues! But if you have a lower rarity bull with a lot of items and in-NFT attributes, don't be afraid to give it a try: he might even beat his bigger brothers!

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