Miner bulls are the toughest in the Bulltiverse, and the most prepared for the hardship of our mines. As all of our Bulls sweat the same, skin rarity doesn't affect the abilities of this class, making it the best choice for most browns. Try to boost his mining efficiency and luck via a combination of in-NFT attributes and extra-NFT items to maximize the speed with which he'll recover chests and the quality of the items inside. Mining is the best way to collect items and build your other bulls, so be sure to always have a couple farming chests for you!

Mining usually takes 14 days, but a miner can do much better!

Every in-NFT attribute will bring a 1 day reduction to his staking time, while it will get increasingly harder to reduce it using miner items.

The points of diminishing returns are as follows:

3 mining points: - 1 day

8 mining points: - 2 days

15 mining points: - 3 days

24 mining points: - 4 days

35 mining points: - 5 days

Luck increases the chance of finding higher level items inside your chests. The stat of your bull gets transferred to the chest he mined, meaning a 5/10 luck bull will mine a level 5 chest. Only higher level chests can contain level 4 and 5 items! You can see the chart with all the percentages in the chest section.

To increase your luck via items, you need to reach specific levels by summing all of those equipped by your bull, following the same pattern as miner efficiency (1 luck point at fortune 3, 8, 15, 24 and 35)

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