As sexy as they are useful, cows turn the heads of every bull (and owner!) in the Bulltiverse. People line up to have a chance to mate with her, and she earns an income directly in Solana for her services! And beware: cows of higher skin rarity, or which can provide faster breeding times will come at a premium.

Cows will spend most of their lives either pregnant or in an auction, where DNA holders will bid for a chance to be the next to mate with her. Each auction earns the owner some Solana, and puts the cow in stake for a maximum of 14 days. Their skin dictates 45% of the result when evolving a calve into a bull.

The pregnancy time can be reduced by having a cow with attributes on her (one day for each attribute), or by starting an auction with a doctor to assist her. Check out the doctor class to know more!

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