Items and inventory

Items are divided into 5 (Plus an X bonus level) levels. Each item has a class it belongs to and an inventory slot (es. shoes) associated with it. To equip an item on one of your Bulls and start enjoying its bonus, click on your wallet icon on the top right of the screen, then on "show inventory" on the bull you want to equip, and finally, on the slot, you want to fill. Remember: you need to unstake your bulls to equip them!

For most occupations, like miner and doctor, your bull has a level of skill in that class equal to the sum of the levels of the items equipped on, with diminishing returns at levels 3, 8, 15, 24 and 35. For example,le, a miner will get a full one-day reduction to his staking time at level 3 and 8, so the first 3 levels will provide 8 hours of reduction while from level 3 to 8 it will only provide 5.

Some activities though (mostly competitions, like the race of Pamplona will be based on the attributes of your bull. In this case, your items will give you a numerical bonus to one or more of his stats, making them better at a multitude of things. You might even get a boost to a stat you need from an item that doesn't belong to that class!

As items go up in rank, they become much harder to find, with exponentially better effects. And if you have a lot of lower-level items, the blacksmith (link to upcoming classes) is coming to help you make better use of them.

The 6th level of items is reserved for very rare that can have a major impact on how your bulls can interact with the Bulltiverse. Unfortunately, they will also be the only ones that our blacksmith can't forge. So your only option is to build a good miner and have some luck!

Once you receive an item, it won't immediately be minted as an NFT. Rather, it is created on our servers first, so as to save you the fees. You can still equip them or sell them in the marketplace in this state, or you can choose to pay the fees to convert them and receive them in your wallet.

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