Pamplona races

Our first true game activity, developed in Unity.

This is the arena for Runner Bulls, where they race to win Sol and other prizes. Try to be the first to the finishing line, and hope you don't come across any human!

Each race will see 20 Bulls compete based on their speed, resistance, and luck; skin rarity will also be crucial here, with golden bulls being 20 times faster than a naked brown! This is why races will also be divided by rarity, although if you have a very strong runner, you might want to enroll him in a higher league race to earn a better price.

Currently, the game is released in beta, meaning it is free to play and you will not receive any reward. A full release is expected in April, which will include a random accident component in the form of humans running in the field, and weathers that will provide maluses or bonuses to certain statistics.

A lobby for a race of each league will be open at all times. Once a new lobby is started, it will be open for 24 hours. The race will then start as soon as 20 Bulls are enrolled, and a new lobby will be created in its place.

To start the race, each of the 20 players will choose a Bull and put in a wager (higher as you go up the leagues). Of this pool of money, 10% will go to a monthly leaderboard reward (see below), 10% will go to pay running costs, and 80% will be split among the first 3 players. Free and reward-boosted races are also planned.

This is the default split for a race with 20 players.

  • 1st place: 60%

  • 2nd place: 25%

  • 3rd place: 15%

  • 4-5th place: Chests

Every time you finish a race, your position will translate into a cumulative score. This will be put on a leaderboard to compete with other players! At the end of every month, the 10 best Bulls in each league will receive a reward as follow:

  • 1st place: 45% of the monthly reward

  • 2nd place: 25% of the monthly reward

  • 3rd place: 15% of the monthly reward

  • 4th place:5% of the monthly reward

  • 5-10th place: Chests

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